Why MediSyn?

We provide scientific support by generating insight-driven strategies and help deliver information to internal and external customers through a range of conventional and modern digital mediums.

HealthCare communications Consulting

MediSyn develops multichannel communication plans, that focus on the big picture. We collaborate with our clients to deliver intelligent, coherent, high-impact communication solutions that are flexible across services and product lifecycles. Our expert communications strategies help companies navigate through the problems and challenges of a dynamic marketplace while achieving their goals and never settling for less.

Medical communication consultations we offer are:

  • Strategic medical communications management
  • Scientific Communication platform
  • Scientific narrative development
  • Advisory board preparation and workshops.

Medical Communications

Scientific Publication planning is crucial for maintaining the quality of scientific information over time. To provide the best support, our publication plans are scientifically robust, timely, and impactful. These scientific strategies are well-built to adhere to publication quality standards including the Good Publication Practice (GPP) policies for company-sponsored medical research (GPP), the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) as well as internal and client-based publication policies.

Our expertise:

  • Scientific publication planning
  • Publication management
  • Scientific meeting abstract preparation
  • Scientific poster/paper preparation
  • Manuscript editing/polishing
  • Peer-reviewed manuscripts: Clinical studies, case reports
  • Review articles
  • Thesis, Editorials, Newletters
  • Regulatory protocols

HEOR Consulting

MediSyn HEOR consulting provides the support you need to address growing demands while executing evidence- based business decisions. We collaborate to develop and implement HEOR strategies to support pharmaceutical products throughout their life cycle. Our multidisciplinary approach provides diverse data analysis and insight to support key internal and external stakeholders.

Our specialties:

  • HEOR Strategy development
  • Health economic modeling
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Systemic data review
  • Health economic training
  • Interactive tool development

Medical Education

Health professionals rely on high-quality, credible educational materials to deliver the best patient care. From planning to launch, for a product to be successful, data integration and medical insight play into every aspect of medical education.

We craft visually impactful medical educational content for the following:

  • Symposia and educational meetings
  • Exhibitions/ Booth materials
  • Scientific core slide decks
  • MSL materials
  • Websites
  • Brochures/ marketing material
  • Patient -eccentric material

Medical and scientific event management services

Our medical and scientific event management services  are designed to meet the various needs of medical practitioners, clinicians, scientific researchers, developers, and industry partners wordwide. Known for our exceptional on-site hospitality, logistics and full-service event management; our team has over covered over hundreds of events; large and small.

We believe that a successful event requires focus, creativity, clear communication, and attention to detail. We cordinate and create brand awareness with our clients through custom-tailored experiences from conceptualization and implementation to the execution of a sucessful event and beyond.

Our specialties:

  • Scientific Open House
  • Advisory Board Meetings
  • Booth Management
  • Casting Calls
  • CME Symposia
  • Congresses
  • Dinner Meetings
  • Hands-On Trainings
  • Investigator Meetings
  • Multi-Event Weekend-long Showcases
  • Receptions


Our multidisciplinary team of experienced medical doctors, scientists, designers, illustrators and award-winning animators develop and deliver a highly detailed medical visuals, entailing each client’s visions into modern medical illustrations/animations that are accurate and visually stunning. We ensure high quality compelling visuals to our clients on time, within budget and always committed to exceeding satisfaction.

We specialize in:

  • Mechanism of action
  • Mechanism of disease
  • 3d stereoscopic animation
  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Banner ads and posters
  • Illustrations and print
  • E – learning modules
  • Sales kits / sales aids
  • Broucher / layout design
  • Conference media backdrop
  • Digital content creation
  • Presentation and slide kits

Creative and Digital Solutions

Innovative visual materials relay key memorable medical communicative messages. Not only are they creative, but are based on scientific insights that connect people, driving change, engage target audiences and establish results. Our creative team delivers innovative design concepts that envision the client’s needs, perspectives and always strive to exceed expectations. Our specialties:
  • Creative designing/ branding
  • Presentation enhancement
  • Patient-oriented medical material
  • Medical education marketing
  • Infographics/Comics
  • Exhibition booth design
  • Content and Materials for MSLs, Sales Reps, Specialty Reps
  • Social media education

IT Platform Development

MediSyn is your Leading one stop IT development and support system. By developing noval solutions, we transcend potential brands and companies into commercial success with digital solutions.

We specialize in:

  • Mobile app development
  • Website development
  • Social media management
  • Digital publications
  • Digital helpdesk/ online technical support

Pharma & Healthcare Information Research

Pharma & Healthcare industry requires myriad and diverse information to cater to the requirements of Regulatory Authorities, educate and manage effectively the Patients groups, Advocacy groups and so on.

We have a very rare combination of expertise in many areas – deep domain knowledge, pre-discovery research, markets, competitive intelligence and regulatory compliance. These expertise position us distinctively from others. We can put ourselves in your position and understand the perspective and the purpose of the work you assign. Our services are highly customized, tailor made according to our customer requirements. So, it is no surprise why our clients gain a lot.

  • Opinion Leader Research
  • Pharma Market & CI Research
  • Literature Review Services
  • Payer Market Research
  • Social Media Intelligence
  • Custom Secondary Research